Words matter

Some small choices nagged at me while working on my upcoming book. Should I write “desperados” or “desperadoes”? “Election Day” or “election day”? “900” or ...

When a hoax becomes history

I don’t know how many museums this week are honoring one of their town’s most notorious hoaxes, but it’s at least one.

A description I can love

Some of you may remember that last year, I came up with a back-cover description for my upcoming book.

Sometimes, I do real work

Most of the time, the work of putting a book together – regardless of how challenging it can sometimes be – is fun. Talking to people with interesting storie...

Finding the perfect book designer

You know how sometimes everything just clicks into place? That’s how it’s been with my upcoming book, “Welcome to Eureka Springs: The I-Sh*t-You-Not History ...

The Magic City, in three parts

Ask someone to describe Eureka Springs, and the word that most commonly comes up is “magic.” In fact, “the Magic City” is one of the oldest of the town’s man...

My book, fate, and pie

I have some news this week that involves a chapter in my book, fate, and pie.

Robert Roman Norman signs on as cover artist

“You can’t judge a book by its cover,” as the saying goes, but the cover ain’t applesauce, either. As the one and only chance to make a good first impression...

The writing itch

As a kid, I was an avid reader and dreamed of writing a book one day.