The Magic City, in three parts

Ask someone to describe Eureka Springs, and the word that most commonly comes up is “magic.” In fact, “the Magic City” is one of the oldest of the town’s many nicknames.

My upcoming book, “Welcome to Eureka Springs: The I-Sh*t-You-Not History of America’s Quirkiest Town,” will celebrate this sense of magic in three parts.

“Part I: Wherein the Magic is Found” will highlight the town’s earliest days. I’ll cover the Native Americans who lived here for centuries, early pioneers who rediscovered the healing springs, and the town’s glory days as a resort for the Victorian elite. A trailblazing women’s rights advocate, Wild West outlaws, and barrel-smashing Carrie Nation are among those making an appearance.

“Part II: Wherein the Magic Fades” will cover most of the city’s 20th-century history, when modern medicine, World Wars, and a Depression combined to nearly wipe the town out. Despite those challenges, Eureka became home to future jazz greats, silent film stars, one of the nation’s most powerful Congressmen, a notorious con man with a body count, creative artists and writers, and a Nazi sympathizer who erected a seven-story Jesus statue.

“Part III: Wherein the Magic Regains Its Mojo” celebrates Eureka Springs’ modern resurgence, introducing the hippies, bikers, artists, and activists who helped make the town the thriving destination it is today. Tiger rescuers, billionaires, a well-loved cat, and Bigfoot round out the cast of colorful characters who shaped America’s quirkiest town.

Each part will have 20 short, breezy chapters. Each chapter will focus on one person or a few connected people and their contribution to the town. So far, I’ve written 51 of the 60 chapters.

I’m hoping to wrap up interviews and finish the writing sometime in April. Then, it’s on to editing, design, and publishing!

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