Tall tales and long horizons

Eureka Springs’ population and economy declined after its 1880s and ’90s heyday, but its history didn’t get any less interesting.

An indulgent date night

A thriving restaurant scene has long been part of Eureka Springs’ draw, so it’s no surprise a few pop up here and there in my upcoming book, Welcome to Eurek...

Hog-killing time

These last few months, I’ve been busy these wrapping up research and fact-checking for the first half of my upcoming book, Welcome to Eureka Springs: The I-S...

Time travel, or something like it

When I started working on my book, I naively thought my collection of a dozen Eureka Springs histories would be enough source material.

History of a two-year-old

What do you think might be the shortest amount of time between a city’s founding and the first history written about it?

Ozark mountain soul

What do you get when you mix roots music like bluegrass, folk, and country with influences from jam bands, gospel, R&B, funk, and blues?

A legacy that endures

Eureka Springs’ rugged natural beauty and crowds of potential buyers have attracted artists and galleries since its earliest days.