Drinkin’ (Coffee) with K.J.

Back in August, one of the first interviews I did for my book was with longtime Eureka Springs resident K.J. Zumwalt at local coffee-and-beer hangout Brews.

Talking With James DeVito

Recently, I talked by phone with James DeVito, a Eureka Springs icon for nearly four decades who recently moved to Texas to start a new chapter of his own st...

Robert Roman Norman signs on as cover artist

“You can’t judge a book by its cover,” as the saying goes, but the cover ain’t applesauce, either. As the one and only chance to make a good first impression...

Talking With Zeek

I’ve completed most of the writing for my upcoming book, “Welcome to Eureka Springs: The I-Sh*t-You-Not History of America’s Quirkiest Town.” For what’s left...

The Writing Itch

As a kid, I was an avid reader and dreamed of writing a book one day.