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Do you enjoy a good book? Spending money, not so much?

You’re in luck. The only challenge is choosing from the tens of thousands of ebooks and audiobooks available for free.

Your local public library, including the Eureka Springs Carnegie Library, offers a large catalog of popular ebooks and audiobooks to anyone with a library card. The Libby app makes searching, borrowing, and enjoying easy.

Want to dive into the classics? Project Gutenberg (for ebooks) and LibriVox (for audiobooks) offer tens of thousands of works whose copyright has expired.

Prefer recent releases? BookBub is your new best friend. Create a free account, let them know what genres you like, then get an email every day with free and low-priced offers. You can browse free deals on their website, too – just click Free Ebooks from the Browse menu. BookBub lets you review and recommend books you’ve read, and follow friends with BookBub accounts.

All the major booksellers offer free ebooks, too. If you have an iPhone, open Apple’s Books app, click Book Store, then choose Free Books from the Browse Sections menu. If your phone runs Android, just type “free books” into the Google Play search bar. The Amazon Kindle Store offers both Free Popular Classics and its Top 100 Free Best Sellers to help you find your next cozy read.

At $14.99 a month, Amazon Prime isn’t free, but if you already have a Prime subscription for other reasons, you might not be aware it includes Prime Reading. You can choose from a rotating selection of more than a thousand free magazines, books, and audiobooks every month, including big-name bestsellers.

With so many options, you’ll have no problem finding your next great adventure.

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