Talking with David Zimmerman

Recently I sat down with longtime Eureka Springs resident David Zimmerman for an interview.

David has done extensive research into the Black history of Northwest Arkansas, so I wanted him to look over my chapters focusing on jazz saxophonist Ben Kynard, gospel composer Thoro Harris, and informal tour guide Richard Banks.

I also had the unexpected pleasure of viewing David’s large collection of works by artist Glenn Gant, who lived in Eureka Springs from 1960 until his death in 1999. David was very close with Glenn, and served as the executor of his estate.

Gant was truly one of Eureka’s greatest and most prolific artists, a high bar to clear. Also one of the most underappreciated by the wider art community. By coincidence, I had bought one of his original works from EureKan Gallery the day before I interviewed David. I feel lucky to have it.

David showed me works by other local artists as well, including the portrait of James Coiner by Joyce English shown in the photo.

I’m hoping to wrap up interviews over the next couple of months. I would love to do many more, but a lot goes into publishing a book these days, and my goal is to have my book out by the end of the year – maybe even sooner.

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